Iridescent Necklace: Producing a display of vibrant rainbow-like colou - Speechlust Inc.

Iridescent Necklace: Producing a display of vibrant rainbow-like colours.

Note from Tiffany:
On our journeys, only in hindsight can we see how all the dots connect and how, most often, they come together to create something extraordinary, unexpected.
Born of such events, Speechlust jewelry offers beautiful pieces that are intelligent, wise and thought provoking.
A leap of faith brought Courtney Chilton of Speechlust and I together for this enchanting limited edition collection.
Define yourself with a full spectrum. Be all the colours. Be a rainbow.   

We are excited to launch this necklace in celebration of the release of Tiffany Pratt's upcoming book, "This Can Be Beautiful." Click here to visit Tiffany's website and check out this incredible book highlighting how you, too, can add displays of vibrant, rainbow-like colours to your life! 

All of our pendants come hung on a 24-inch chain. Our gold chains are 18k gold-plated to match our 18k gold-plated dog tags.

Cynosure: (n.) Something that strongly attracts attention through its brilliance.

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