PRESS - Speechlust Inc.


"I'm a little bit obsessed with this new Canadian jewelry line. They create gorgeous dog tags engraved with unique words to remind you of your core beliefs, aspirations and best memories. My pick? 'Ikigai': your reason for waking up in the morning; the passion that drives your life."

- Madelyn Chung, Style editor, HuffPost Canada.


"Unique Signifier

Speechlust Jewelry uses the power of unique words to remind women of their core beliefs, personal aspirations and fondest memories. We show Querencia, which means a place from which ones strength is drawn. A single word can make the ultimate statement."


"Women can now get their daily dose of inspiration through the Canadian accessory line, Speechlust Jewelry. Every necklace featured in the Speechlust Collection is engraved with a unique word, reminding young women of their fondest memories, beliefs and aspirations. Though the brand is new, it has already caught the attention of Jeanne Beker, Arlene Dickinson and Tiffany Pratt"


"Speechlust ‘Meraki’ necklace – I was gifted with this beautiful Speechlust necklace that features the word ‘Meraki’ on it, meaning ‘The result of putting your soul, passion and love into a project, thereby leaving a piece of yourself in the work.’ How appropriate, right? Local artisan Courtney Chilton makes a bunch of these pretty pendants with all different words, so you can find the perfect one for a friend or yourself."


"We're in love with Speechlust, a line of jewelry that sets out to motivate and inspire. Each necklace is inscribed with a meaningful word like "meraki," which is the result of putting your soul, passion and love into a project thereby leaving a piece of yourself in the work. Awesome, right?"


"Finding a cool-yet-heartwarming gift with which to ask your besties to be in your bridal part is tricky. Luckily, local brand Speechlust makes pretty beaded dog tags engraved with one of 22 unique, powerful words you can look up in the brand's own dictionary (and you'll definitely have to.) One necklace is engraved with "cynosure," which is something that attracts attention through its brilliance, and another says "redamancy," which is the act of loving in return. For your girlfriend, though, we'd recommend giving the "laotong" version, which is Mandarin for a friendship so strong that two girls are bonded together for eternity as kindred sisters (aww). They come in gold or silver and are sure to elicit great reactions."