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Empowerment Words

The “Empowerment” jewelry pieces are, in many ways, Speechlust’s most important.

Over the last few years I’ve come to realize how hard it is for many young women to find genuine happiness. Most of us have no clear path to success. “Job insecurity” weighs heavily and is frequently compounded by worries over student debt. Yes, social media allows us to connect, but it also allows us to compare. The desire to keep up and the fear of missing out are fed by the “highlight moments” captured in others’ photos.

Experts argue that the all-too-prevalant anxiety we see today is often a result of young women sensing a loss of control over their lives.

Our hope is that these pendants provide a reminder that everything happens for a reason, even if the reason isn’t clear right away. And, more importantly, that you do have control. Whether wearing your Speechlust necklace helps to push you gently out of your comfort zone or to keep perspective during a difficult time, we truly believe that the power of a well-chosen word is limitless.

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